The following training options are available:

  • One hour short overview of the purpose of inventory and the key inventory parameters;
  • One day training on all inventory principles, what does service level mean and how to calculate the inventory parameters;
  • 2-3 Day workshops, incorporating the one day training and extending it with the calculation of an actual stock policy, using company data and giving the users a more hands-on experience (an example of this can be found in case study “Singapore”);
  • Made-to-measure, depending on specific company requirements or challenges.

The training is aimed at employees at all levels and in all relevant functions, like finance, production planning, supply planning, demand management and logistics

The agenda of the one day training is:

  • Introduction to supply chain management & inventory management:
    • Balancing demand and supply
    • Supply chain models: make to order, make to stock
    • Types of inventory
    • Managing risk
  • Good inventory principles:
    • Analysis of demand
    • Forecasting of demand
    • When to order
    • How much to order
    • Inventory models
    • Performance measurement

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